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Commercial group of Pirooz Tejarat Iranian (private stock) has established its professional charter and policy of providing the best service in accordance with the needs of international clients since its establishment, and with a long track record of recruiting and applying relevant, educated and efficient human resources, has tried to accomplish this. This complex with brilliant background in affairs such as: 1. consulting 2. currency affairs 3. export and import 4. international transportation by applying specialized and experienced staff is ready to provide all secure and stable business services.
We have always strived to provide our customers with an understanding of the critical positions of our services in the commerce and trading chain. The complex is making every effort to have local and international businesspeople, literally, as our “strategic partner and consultant” and help us to follow the path of delivering desirable and high-quality service.
Our priority has always been to provide high quality and quantity services in the field of world trade and commercial services to comply with legal requirements as well as to provide the most appropriate solutions to safeguard the interests of our business partners, our customers and business partners around the world and to create Ease in doing things, keeping everyone on track, and taking solid, valuable steps.

Our specialty

Get to know our field of work internationally better:
Export and import

1.ability to purchase the goods at the best price and highest international standards at home for export and from abroad for import

2.principal validation and assurance of all foreign companies prior to conclusion any commercial contract

3.obtain all legal license of national and international standards and certifications

Consulting services

1.providing consulting services on the use of valid payment methods and services of opening L/Cs as well as international standard formats for the guarantee (in special cases)

2.bussiness consulting for purchases of goods as well as commercial documents of goods with domestic and foreign companies


1.transport transit and transshipment of goods

2.ground air rail sea transport

Money transfer and currency affairs

1.foreign currency remittances
2.advice on opening L/C facility finance and refinance

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Export and import

In the complicated world of international trade and its changing laws and conditions, export and import of goods is one of the most specialized international areas. The need for rigorous experience and mastery of banking and business laws and obtaining local and international license has made it a specialized field. Failure of master any of above will put your business at disadvantages.

Consulting service

As societies progress and markets become more competitive, in addition to the generalities, details play a crucial role, and this has increased the need for a think tank and the importance of consulting internationally. Having up-to-date and accurate information in the field of experience, logical thinking and proper analysis of issues are the capabilities of a strong consultant in the field of foreign trade and commerce.


Selecting reliable shipping lines, choosing the transportation system based on needs (type of goods, scheduling, route and costs), using transit and transshipment to reduce time and cost, how to calculate and pay sums, insurance, delivery schedules from these are very important things to consider when concluding a shipping contract.

Foreign exchange affairs and remittances

The complexities of currency transfer, international exchanges, problems of sanctions, currency exchange rate fluctuations, in-country currency multiplication and hard currency rules and regulations, the ability to interact with international partners in transactions, as well as the use of opening L/Cs and facilities, there are complex issues that require expertise and trade at the international level.

Our customers

We are proud that you chose us for business

Why Pirooz Tejarat Iranian?

Successful backgrounds and experiences

The big square of international trade is not the place for trial and error to explore the best path to profitability for businessmen. Years of brilliant and professional experience in import and export, transportation, logistics and foreign exchange and remittance services have enabled Pirooz Tejarat Iranian commercial Company to make a major contribution to the successful and highly desirable development of our beloved businessmen in the country.

International offices and partners

Pirooz Tejarat Iranian commercial Company with different branches, cooperation agreements and trading partners in UAE, China and Turkey, is ready to provide a variety of business services including, foreign trade consulting, international trade law consulting and accurate validation, all-round services to dear businessmen.

specialized human power

Providing foreign trade advice is a specialized matter and is of utmost importance. Having a well-trained professional staff and mastery of the latest international regulations in the field of transportation and customs, has made the experts of Pirooz Tejarat Iranian Commercial Complex have enough experience to provide any commercial services with the highest level of specialized advice.

Strong support service

The support team at a company plays the role of a beating heart. The more the team has the skills to communicate with the customer, the more satisfied the customer is with their communication. Pirooz Tejarat Iranian Commercial Company has taken the necessary steps to serve its customers as quickly as possible.  Our experts are ready to assist you in any business.

Customer Information Security

In today’s complex world, information security, especially financial information, is more important than anything else. Extending our customer information domain and maintaining it with a high level of security requires a safe and legal set of experience and policy that is free from any damage and disclosure.

Appropriate fees

Paying for services rendered is one of the most important criteria for merchants’ decisions and their constant concerns in pursuing their business goals, so we provide you a very competitive and affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A trader who wants to lower his risk and avoid possible losses in international trading should try to follow a series of red lines:

Do not make any payment without sufficient knowledge from the foreign trade side.

Document your business (documentation) that is, firstly, make no deal without setting up a contract, so that there is at least some difficulty in executing the contract.

All communications to the foreign trade side must be in writing and by email subject to the prior security and key points being defined between the parties.

The legal residence of the parties shall be specified.

The terms of payment of the contract shall be clearly specified and the manner of compensation for the delay or delay in the performance of the contract shall be defined.

The applicable law contract and how to resolve the dispute and the arbitration clause in the contract shall be specified.

In the first place, the best and least expensive option is the Iran Chamber Referee Center, but if your business does not accept it, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore are also suitable.

The verdict in the courts of justice of the country can be enforced in countries that have legal and legal agreements with us and vice versa in Iran. There are currently agreements with some countries, including Turkey and the UAE.

  1. Vendor recognition-vendor information must be clear (company name, address, date of foundation, annual financial capital, cost and benefit, income statements)
  2. Request inspector in order to vendor validation
  3. Gaining the vendor information from the Bank

In fact, the E contracts must be acceptable, however Iranian courts follow the traditional contract method and they invoke intuition thus It is highly recommended to use paper contracts.

There are different ways which can be effective such as:

  1. Obtaining banking information via the broker bank in destination country.
  2. Use of products and goods inspection companies’ services.
  3. Contacting to representative of the shipping company and ensuring delivery or non-delivery of goods.
  4. Controlling the name of the ship in the bill of lading according to LIOYD’S list.

In addition, it is worth to mention that based on the UCP600 law (14 and 34), only the appearance of documents is controlled by banks and they have no authority over counterfeiting or authenticity of the documents. Additionally, banks don’t have any sample of vendor signature, Inspection Company, insurance or transportation signature, however, they have brokers all over the worlds who are available for gaining necessary information.

Yes, the Fidic complex has an Iranian branch and some of the fidics contracts has been translated to Persian.

Yes, on sustainable value such as the dollar to the yen or the pond to the yen and vice versa, there are special insurance methods and some financial institutions take responsibility for this which are called HEDGING operation. Although this kind of activities in Iran based on the present condition is impossible.

Generally, choosing the method of payment represents the level of trust between buyer and seller

Overall 4 payment methods can be named in foreign business:

A) Open account trade

An open account transaction in international trade is a sale where the goods are shipped and delivered before payment is due, which is typically in 30, 60 or 90 days. Obviously, this option is advantageous to the importer in terms of cash flow and cost, but it is consequently a risky option for an exporter.

B) Collection

In this method the trust level of vendor is Low in this case he is willing to use an inductor in the sense that the bank only acts as a medium for the transfer of documents but does not make any payment guarantee. However, collection of documents is subjected to the Uniform Rules for Collections published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Schedule contains seller orders based on the URC and currency and banking regulations. According to the URC, in this method banks are not responsible for reviewing and controlling the documents and they are in charge just to execute commands.

C) LC method

An LC is a commitment by a bank on behalf of the importer (foreign buyer) that payment will be made to the beneficiary (exporter) provided that the terms and conditions stated in the LC have been met, as evidenced by the presentation of specified documents since LCs are credit instruments, the importer’s credit with their bank is used to obtain an LC. The importer pays the bank a fee to render this service.

An LC is useful when reliable credit information about a foreign buyer is difficult to obtain or if the foreign buyer’s credit is unacceptable, but the exporter is satisfied with the credit worthiness of the importer’s bank.

D) Advanced payment

Advance Payment is a payment made by an importer to the exporter before shipment. This method is most beneficial from the exporter perspective as he receives funds in advance. The payment may be received either as soon as the order is confirmed or any time before shipment.

Unfortunately, nowadays this method is highly used in Iran, because of the extensive sanctions.

  1. Advance payment guarantee
  2. Performance bond guarantee (PBG)
  3. Bid Bond Guarantee
  4. Tender Guarantee
  5. Payment Guarantee
  6. Retention bond (Guarantee)

Financing is the act of obtaining money through borrowing, earnings or investment from outside sources.

Investing is the act of obtaining money by building up operations or purchasing investment products such as stocks, bonds and annuities.

In investment method, financing provider is involved in profit and loss, however in financing method the lender does not share the loss with you (non-Islamic banks) and based on the contract the lenders receive their profit. However, financing from Islamic sources is subject to a partnership agreement that has some difficulties.

According to the UCP600 regulations, banks have no responsibilities regarding purchaser and vendor, but when the bank finances under the rules of Islamic banking or ordinary banking and based on any partnership in loss and benefit. In this case the interests of the bank dictate to be aware of the terms of the contract and avoiding any loss.

Having a contract for credit management and bank risk whether as a financier or investor, is necessary.

It’s hard to answer this question as the full normalization of the situation depends on the country’s political relations with the US.

One of the following ways can be used:

  1. TO THE ORDER is written, in this case The venue is left empty for the seller to transfer ownership of the goods in the name of anyone who wishes to transfer them on the bill of lading
  2. The bill of lading is issued directly in the name of the buyer as the principal receiver, so-called Direct BL.
  1. Maximum time to grant refinancing facilities is one year and for finance is more than one year.
  2. Refinancing facilities to foreign banks in refinances are guaranteed by commercial banks while finance is guaranteed by central bank finance.
  3. Finance facilities are used to buy and Construction of capital projects, equipment, production line machinery and services such as installation, education and technical knowledge, while refinance facilities can be used for entering bank approved goods.
  4. User of finance facilities includes real and legal persons, ministries, organizations and state-owned companies, but under the references facilities in addition to the real and legal persons, organizations and state- owned companies also can use facilities if they do not use the general budget resources of the country in general or for the purpose of registering a particular order.


The maximum period for granting refinancing facilities is up to one year and for financing more than one year

Finance Refinancing facilities to foreign banks in refinancing are guaranteed by commercial banks and in finance process are guaranteed by a central bank.additionally to buy and Construction of capital projects, equipment, production line machinery and services such as installation education and technical knowledge, while refinance facilities can be used for entering bank approved goods.

In finance the only issue is financing and getting a loan while usance method includes goods, facilities and technical knowledge. In fact, these kinds of technologies are purchased from foreign countries or institutions. It is worthy to mention that because of the interest rate and product rate, which is set by the lender, this method is costly.


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